Bodywork and Tethered Oral Tissues

From an osteopathic physician’s perspective

  • Introduction to Osteopathy
  • Different ways to experience the tongue’s connection to the body
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Daniel Lopez, D.O. is a board-certified hands-on osteopathic physician who has been studying and pioneering how the tongue affects the rest of the body for over seven years. After he and his daughter had tongue tie releases, he wanted to have anatomy-based explanations for the bodywide changes he, and his patients, were experiencing. His journey gave him a unique perspective on the effects tethered oral tissues caused and the bodywork required to deal with them.

Dr. Daniel is offering his course: The Continuous Tongue at a discounted rate for Airway Circle Members!

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Check out the Course Description Below:

Understand the tongue’s relationship to the whole body, the airway, swallowing, and more in a whole new way. This is an anatomically-based course created from over seven years worth of research, observation, and application of the scientific method by a hands-on osteopathic physician. In this course, you’re going to learn some cranial osteopathic principles to further understand how the tongue and swallowing affect craniofacial development, the fascial system based on the tongue in-depth, whole-body posture, and much more. This course has over 4 hours worth of content with more being added regularly.

1. Understand the physiologic motion of the sphenoid and occiput and associated patterns.

2. Understand the fascial system in-depth and its involvement with dysfunctional swallowing, posture, and its relationship to the rest of the body.

3. Understand the different ways that tongue function and chewing can possibly affect eyes and vision.

4. Learn how important strong chewing is for craniofacial development and the missing component to promote lateral and forward facial development.

5. Better understand the importance of quality bodywork as part of your team of experts.

Course Curriculum

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Body Work and Tethered Oral Tissues
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