About the Speaker: Roger Price is a legend in the world of ‘Airway’. Not being registered as a ‘dentist’ or a ‘doctor’ he is not constrained in what he is ‘allowed to say’ and does not risk deregistration or censure because of what he proposes. With more than 60 years of intense involvement in the world of medicine, dentistry, manual therapy, nutrition, behaviour, habit correction – and a host of other disciplines, he has an overview of ‘the game’ far greater and more incisive than any of the ‘players’. Blessed with a resonant baritone voice, years of stage experience and thousands of hours of teaching, training and presenting, Roger universally delivers lectures that delight and astound his audience. He has a wicked sense of humour and ‘entertains’ rather than ‘teaches’. Buckle up your seatbelts and be prepared to learn things you never knew existed.

Course Description

Just because something is being done doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right or the best way of doing it. All it means is that most people have followed a trend – which right or wrong – becomes The Gold Standard. This Journey will take you right to the beginning of ‘Airway and Sleep’, explain how Dentistry became involved, what is working and what isn’t, and why progress has been so slow and outcomes so poor. You will understand what is necessary to change the outcomes and have a fun and informative ride into the bargain.

Course Objectives 1. Understand what the ‘Airway’ actually is, how it was created and what can go wrong. 2. The consequences of Airway Dysfunction

3. Appreciate the involvement of the dental and allied professions in addressing the issue.

4. See that there is nothing on the existing Dental Sleep Medicine horizon that will provide an alternative.

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