A pathway towards ‘functional breathing’ is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that can be given by any health practitioner to their patients. And it goes well beyond ‘exclusive nasal breathing’ which is simply a step in the right direction for those breathing through the mouth. This ‘gift’ can lead to a complete cessation of the need for a variety of medications including asthma medication, anti-hypertensives, decongestants and so much more.

‘Functional breathing’ is normal, but in our modern times it is not common. In fact, it is likely that a large number of people in your patient community right now suffer in some way from the symptoms of breathing dysfunctionally.

So what can be done? The pathway towards ‘functional breathing’ can begin with simple steps which can be implemented immediately in most cases. After these simple steps are brought into the clients’ consciousness, they can begin the process of reaching a state of ‘functional breathing’ through the practice of ‘breathing training’ which requires time, commitment and expert guidance. ‘Breathing training’ is a well documented and clinically proven way to improve so many symptoms. However, it requires health practitioners to deliver ‘breathing programs’ to their patients, or at the very least, to make appropriate referrals for such.

This course will provide insights into all of the above and more. At the end of the course you will know what your options are in order to begin offering ‘breathing training’ to the patients in your practice. Hence, you will be able to give the gift of a pathway towards functional breathing.


Course Objectives:

– The importance of functional breathing for optimal health and resolution of acute and chronic illnesses
– Why functional breathing goes beyond nasal breathing
– Causes and effects of dysfunctional breathing
– The breath and the nervous system
– Simple steps towards functional breathing
– Breathing Training and the path to breathing function


About the Instructor:

Dr Dan Hanson BDS, MBIBH is a dentist, co-founder of Myofocus and Tongue Tie Institute, Buteyko Institute Breathing Educator, founder of BreathCoach online breathing education platform, inventor of the SleepYstrip nasal breathing device. Dan’s interest in the world of the ‘airway’ began with his own journey towards health, after having suffered from sleep apnoea and hay-fever when he skeptically began Buteyko breathing training after having tried all manner of other treatment options to no avail. Very quickly he realised that the habitual unconscious breathing pattern was at the centre of all things ‘airway’. He also found that this could be changed with time, effort and expert guidance during Buteyko Breathing Training. He began sleeping well and has not looked back since. Currently his clinical work mostly consists of laser frenectomy, focussed on the infant and toddler age groups. To date he has performed over 5,000 frenectomy surgeries. He also works clinically in his BreathCoach Buteyko Breathing Training Clinic. He lectures internationally on a frequent basis on numerous subjects relating to the airway, sleep apnoea, malocclusion, myofunctional therapy and myofunctional orthodontics and tongue tie. Locations have included USA, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Currently lecturing on such subject forms over 50% of his work and he is honoured to be given the opportunity to share his knowledge. Part of his mission is to raise awareness about the incredible benefits which can be achieved when breathing is functional. Outside of his work in healthcare he also facilitate men’s groups and self-inquiry retreats, both independently and for other organisations including ‘Men’s Wellbeing inc’ and for ‘The Rites of Passage Institute’. His interests beyond ‘self-development’ include hiking in wilderness regions, mountain and road biking, kite-surfing, ice-bathing and other forms of ‘breathwork’. Dan is married and lives in Australia with his wife Rach and his dog Jaffa. Dan has a degree in dentistry (BDS 2003) and is a practising member of the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health (MBIBH 2012).

Course will be available for replay for 2 weeks from purchase date. 

4 hours of PACE AGD CEUs available for dental professionals after completion of course evaluation.